Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Glorious Day!!

Today was an amazing day! Instead of going to Emmanual we went up the mountain to El Shaddai. We sent out gardening teams out into the community to plant gardens (no : ) landscaping). Each team went to three homes. We gave out soccer balls to the kids at the homes also. It's really indescribable the way you feel the second you hand a child something as simple as a soccer ball and their face lights up with a grin from ear to ear.

Today I also met Motogo as he's known. He is the 4th child of 5 that are new to the childrens home. He's very quiet but loves to know someone is always there. He walked around all day with red paint on his forehead. It was almost like he was marked for me to find. He's a beautiful child with a kind heart. I spend the second half of the day holding him, holding his hand, or playing soccer. The best point of the day for me was when we were sitting listening to some of the girls sing. He reached over and grabbed my arm and pulled it across him and then grabbed my other arm and pulled it the opposite direction accross him. He just wanted to be hugged and loved. It was a glorious day!! El Shaddai was built by God and you see him everywhere you turn there.

Tonight at dinner Janine Maxwell, one of the head honchos at heart for africa spoke about aids and how it affects Swaziland and africa as a whole. With the Aids epidemic growing and education almost non exsistant or lacking, everyone is quite concerned about the World Cup being held in South Africa. This could potential spread or increase the spead of AIDS in countries where the disease is somewhat less prevalent. I encourage you and everyone you know to write a letter to FIFA and ask them to provide some sort of education or PSA to inform and educate people on this dangerous disease.

I can't wait until Friday for Litsemba!

Sala Kahle! Goodbye!

- Shannon


  1. Can'twait to see your pic's
    we miss love you.

  2. wow, el shaddai sounds incredible. i'm so happy that ur able to be there to experience it all! and i'm so happy that the kids and people r able to experience u as a gift sent there to bless them... been letting the kids (A&L fam) see the pics and read some of the blogs. judah was especially touched, as i'm sure everyone would be, by the story of "motogo". so, we prayed for him, too. i hope u got some good pics of him...

  3. Hey Shannon! Everyone at the gym is following your travels. We LOVE the pix! Did you throw Sean off the bus???? Kris